About Jenn

Jennifer (Jenn) Dewey is a studio jewelry designer, creative goldsmith, nature lover, conscientious traveler and vintage jewelry collector... residing in Ridgway, Colorado, where she operates her environmentally responsible, fine metalsmithing, studios.

Jenn Dewey Designs is a FAIRMINED licensed brand.

Along with this online gallery of Jenn's recent and past contemporary jewelry designs, vintage world jewelry and new artisan works - Jenn sells her original jewelry designs and goldsmithing through brick and mortar galleries, creates custom jewelry pieces for personal clients (see Archives Page), and has exhibited through juried art and music festivals.   

Jenn's former brick and mortar gallery/trading post, AMULET Arts - located in Ridgway, CO - closed during Covid.

Jenn Dewey Designs celebrates diversity and believes in marriage equality. She welcomes clients of all race, ethnicity, creed, gender, orientation, size or disability.


Jennifer is an active advocate and licensee for the use of FAIRMINED precious metals, a member of Ethical Metalsmiths and supporter of Alliance for Responsible Mining and Mercury Free Mining Org.

She also uses heirloom diamonds and transparently sourced gems in her jewelry designs.

Jenn's studio operates with minimal environmental impact, as she has studied methods of "greening" her practice for the past 20+ years.


Jenn's original jewelry designs are often inspired by elements of nature and iconic surroundings. From life giving rivers and trees, to ancient artifacts and architectural elements… her desire to translate such items into adornment began early in childhood.  An example would be her acorn and oak leaf jewelry designs… having grown up in Wisconsin, where her home was surrounded by towering white oaks, her love of the smooth burgundy colored acorns and fragrant oaks became a part of her design aesthetic and early inspiration.  Twisting wires, from her father's workshop, with twigs and acorns - in her hair... nearly every early childhood craft project became a form of adornment, for Jenn!

Through her extracurricular study of art and philosophy, while earning a BA in Communications at Ripon College, she learned that the acorn holds great symbolic meaning across nearly every world culture.  Symbolic of fertility and birth by some cultures, and symbolic of strength and wisdom by others... Aristotle considered the acorn the “greatest symbol of potentiality”.  

Honoring and expressing nature's symbolism through Jenn's art and jewelry is likened to the preservation of an ancient language… a most potent and primitive form of artistic expression and multi-cultural communication. 

It is Jenn's hope that art and jewelry can serve as a vehicle for communicating peace, equality, truth, justice and wisdom… or amuletic, for personal healing, strength, identity and love. 

Jenn's curiosity about the natural world, material world, and culture, has led to many treasured adventures and travels... such as, studying biomimicry with the Biomimicry Institute in Vera Cruz, Mexico... visiting the Kuna (Guna) Indians of the San Blas Islands, Panama... to an exploratory solo drive across Morocco, which fueled her interest in Moroccan arts, vintage world jewelry and textiles.  

As a resident of SW Colorado, Jenn is fortunate to have also developed relationships with some Native American artisans and jewelers - from the Navajo Nation and the Santo Domingo Pueblo.

When not busy at the workbench, Jennifer is always up for an adventure – she craves cultural diversity, unique foods, studying and collecting arts and antiquity - and travel; enjoys camping, canoeing, hiking, beaches, snorkeling and sailing; experiencing the arts in all forms; volunteerism and environmental stewardship; serving as board member/wildlife transporter for Roubideau Rim Wildlife Rescue (501c3) in Olathe; contributing to local sustainability and conservation efforts; and spending quality time with her partner, family and friends.


Jennifer has studied under the following jewelers, organizations and artisans: Harold O’Connor (CO), Valentin Yotkov (Italy & CO), Biomimicry.org (Mexico), Andy Cooperman (AZ), Beau Staley (Dolce Jewels - Telluride), Tony Newlin (CO), Thomas Mann (NOLA), Margo Manning (NOLA), Merry Pierce-Lowrey (NOLA) and more. 


Her work has been exhibited through Slate Gray Gallery (Telluride, CO), Linhardt Design - Fairmined Show (NYC), Stronghouse Studios (“Ekphrasis”-Telluride), Dolce Jewels (Telluride), Bounty Hunter (Telluride), Velvet DaVinci’s Anti-War Medal Show (San Francisco), I/O Gallery (New Orleans), New Orleans Arts Council Gallery, Bayou Trading Galleries (New Orleans), Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts - Museum Store (Madison, WI), Telluride AIDS Benefit Fashion Shows, Arroyo Gallery - Art & Architecture Weekend (Telluride), and many juried art and music shows across the U.S.   


A regular donor to local and International non-profit fundraising efforts, Jenn also oversaw the set-up of the Telluride AhHaa Art School’s jewelry studio - teaching introductory jewelry making classes, a small-scale lost wax casting class and private jewelry making sessions, in the past. 

Jenn currently donates a percentage of her sales to several organizations, including:

Mercury Free Mining, The Coral Reef Alliance, Environmental Defense Fund


Jenn is a recipient of Fashion Group International’s Alpha Award (NOLA) for her “Harmony Rosette Baby Rattle” in sterling silver and cultured pearls.

Sheep Mountain Alliance Award, 2013 - For Jenn's work with wildlife rehabbing in the region.


Jenn Dewey Designs is currently an active member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG), Colorado Metalsmithing Association (COMA) and Ethical Metalsmiths.