My jewelry designs are often inspired by elements of nature and iconic surroundings, which hold a very symbolic place within my own soul. 

From life giving rivers and trees, to ancient artifacts and architectural elements… my desire to translate such things into items of adornment began early in childhood.  An example would be my acorn and oak leaf designs… having grown up in Wisconsin, where my home was surrounded by towering white oaks, my love of the smooth burgundy colored acorns and fragrant oaks became a part of my historical identity. 

Through my extracurricular study of art and philosophy, while in college, I found that the acorn holds great symbolic meaning across nearly every world culture.  Aristotle considered the acorn the “greatest symbol of potentiality”… symbolic of fertility and birth by some cultures, and symbolic of strength and wisdom by others. 

I liken honoring and expressing symbolism through my art and jewelry to the preservation of an ancient language… a most potent and primitive form of artistic expression and multi-cultural communication. 

At this stage in my career, it seems that my life experiences, education, travels  and occupation, are reaching a confluence… of sorts.   As I share my personal dialect of symbolism through my designs and collections, it is my hope that the wearer and collector can innately sense the love and intention communicated through these original objects of art, jewelry and adornment. 

It is also my hope that the shared language of symbolism, as expressed through artisans around the world, can serve as a vehicle for peace, equality, truth and wisdom … just as the giving of a piece of jewelry may be an amulet for personal healing, strength, identity and love. 

Working with responsibly sourced silver, gold, platinum, gems and found objects (recycled and FAIRMINED noble metals) … I aspire to create jewelry which is symbolically, environmentally and socially harmonious.  @fairminedofficial

  • Spanish Moss

    Sterling and fresh water pearls by J Dewey Designs.

  • Vintage Brass Leopard Mask - Benin

  • Bespoke Bridal Tiara